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How ShapharGroup is helping save the world:

Shaphargroup LLC China Warehouse

2020 was an apocalyptic year with horrors that can be described in a few sentences; Death. Economic turmoil and uncertainty. Disruption in normal life activities. Pressure on institutions. 

The whole year was a dark hour, a really perilous moment that imposed changes on already existing systems and processes.

The debilitating destruction caused by the pandemic despite existing advancements in science, technology made us realise that quite a lot still needs to be done by governments and relevant stakeholders.

In the heat of the pandemic while most of the world was shut in the safety of their homes, a number of selfless heroes braved the storm and decided to take the ravaging pandemic head on, sacrificing health and comfort for the greater good. Providers of essential services, health workers and researchers braved the storm and had to do battle with a virus bent on annihilating mankind. 

Considering the nature of Covid’s epidemiology and the proportion the pandemic assumed, the urgent need for Personal Protective Equipment arose. Facemasks, Hand gloves, Isolation gowns and alcohol based hand sanitizers were in great need by both essential service providers and the general public. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 89 million medical masks and 76 million examination gloves are required for the COVID-19 response each month with an estimation that PPE manufacturing needs to increase by 40% in order to keep up with demand.

 As the pandemic struck without warning, there was no adequate structure and preparation on ground to provide for the pressure on the PPE industry. A PPE scarcity ensued. Fraudulent PPE deals were rife and good willing individuals, hospitals and organisations searching for PPE for use and charity were scammed of their hard earned money. Some received supplies of low quality PPE which is equally akin to getting nothing. The whole scene was chaotic and the unfolding PPE crises was the last straw that broke an already fragile situation.

A genuine reason why most PPE orders were met with disappointment was because most PPE suppliers were overwhelmed with orders. It took one with grit, doggedness and uncommon determination to make sense of the madness.

The Shapharggroup (Shapharhealth) team led by its visionary CEO David Chijioke Arinze worked tirelessly to ensure seamless supply of PPE to organisations and individuals in search of PPE. These efforts in no small measure had impacts on a global scale in the fight against the virus as a lot of the demands  the company has  taken were from hospitals, philanthropic organisations and other suppliers in the PPE supply chain. This saw David C Arinze and his team collaborate with organisations such as Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Habitat for Humanity®, Allied Healthcare, SN DME and to mention but a few. Deliveries were made on time and products delivered were of premium quality.

Navigating the stormy waters of PPE supply requires having a level of professionalism and ingenuity, a trait the Shaphargroup (Shapharhealth) team possesses in no small measure. The CEO of the group, David Chijioke Arinze, with a good number of years of experience in the health and manufacturing industries under his belt, and with excellent management and strategic planning skills has led the team in making ground breaking records in delivering quality PPE on time helping save millions of people from infection and death.

The fight against Covid 19 still rages but with determined, dedicated, selfless and innovative individuals and organisations such as ShapharGroup, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and assured victory for mankind.

You can connect with us now and place PPE orders at www.shapharhealth.com or send a mail at info@shaphargroup.com and be rest assured that you would get your timely quality orders.