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KN95 Emergency Shipment to Burkina Faso

One of our exciting journeys helping front-line health workers fighting Covid-19 was February 2020 at the pick of the Covid-19 outbreak during Wuhan Lockdown. During this period the lockdown had extended to almost all countries. With the high demand for Personal Protective Equipment sky rocking and global confusing of how to get trusted PPE’s from China.

At this time Shaphargroup LLC had successfully shipped a number of Isolation Gloves, KN95 Masks, Shields, etc to the United States and the UK to private hospitals and individuals.

Shaphargroup was contacted by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor to supply about 20,000 KN95 Face Mask to Burkina Faso’s Government through the Minister of Health. At this time only a few Cargo planes fly to Africa because of the lock-down.

The health facilities in the country had a very low supply of Face Masks for health care workers. We needed to find alternative short routes to deliver these urgently needed PPE’s and that exactly was what Shaphargroup’s C.E.O David Chijioke Arinze did. To him, this was not about profit but an opportunity to provide critically needed PPE’s that could save lives.