Shaphargroup LLC is a global manufacturing and trading company registered and operates in the United State of America, Europe and operates in China as Shaphargroup Industry (Hainan) Co.,Ltd 厦珐实业(海南)集团有限公司

We are a Global Manufacturer, Distribution and Trading company. Our objective is to provide our customers with affordable and quality goods and services.

Shaphargroup PPE's

We are in the forefront of providing front line health workers with high quality Personal Protective Equipment inluding Examination Gloves (SG Gloves), Isolation Gowns, Masks, Hand Sanisters and Wristband Dispensers.

What's New ?


With over 15 years of working with small and medium enterprise around the world, we are equipped to satisfy our customers needs.

We capture and design products according to our customer’s specifications. Ensuring that our customer’s needs are met.


We are working in different sectors of the economy and in different continents.


Shapharhealth is the health brand of Shaphargroup LLC which supplies health equipment to hospitals and health facilities.


Arich Designs and manufactures innovative, quality and affordable products to help fight and prevent the spread of Corona Virus and also manufactures other great customized brands for our customers.


Shaphargroup LLC has huge interest and investment in Mining in Africa.


Banking and financial inclusion is at the core of what we do.

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